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Three Ways to Overcome The Sp00kiest Topic — Financial Health

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Talking about Financial Health is a spooky subject — whether it's Halloween or not! From understanding pensions to ISAs to RSUs to just creating an emergency savings account — there is an endless amount of financial topics and acronyms that is bound to scare even the most reassured of us.

But don't fret! Otto is here to make you feel more confident when speaking to your finances and release the stress that comes from financial health! Here are 3 ways Otto can help you overcome your financial scaries this Halloween:

👩🏼‍🏫 1) Access to friendly, supportive Financial Coaches

Talking to a financial coach has been proven to reduce mental stress by 10% (per academic studies) We here at Otto believe everyone should have access to this kind of benefit so provide a platform for employees to connect with financial coaches on their own time.

📊 2) All-in-one visualization platform to understand your current state of finances

It's difficult to understand where you are financially now across the various banks, company pensions, and other financial vehicles you have. Otto enables you to see everything in one clean view and help you get moving in the direction of your goals!

🎯 3) Goal tracker to keep you and your Financial Coach accountable

Just like setting new year's goals, we all start strong when setting out to achieve our dreams. But holding yourself accountable is difficult on your own. Otto provides a tracker for you and your Financial Coach to regularly check-in on and be supported every step of the way! From setting up an emergency fund to buying a house, Otto helps you track your progress and ensure you are taking the right steps to achieve your financial goals.

Overcome your fears this Halloween and try out Otto, and even better Otto is free to you...just click this link to connect us with your employer and get started on your journey to better financial health!


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