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Helping ComplyAdvantage support their AML workforce

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Who is ComplyAdvantage?

ComplyAdvantage helps its customers power a safer, stronger financial system through smarter decisions. It does this by providing leading financial crime compliance risk management software to more than 1,000 companies worldwide. Since its creation in 2014, ComplyAdvantage has received backing from Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, Index Ventures, and Balderton Capital, and has consistently been ranked by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies.

What was the challenge?

ComplyAdvantage is a company that truly values the well-being of its team. When they noticed that the rising cost of living was causing increased financial stress for their employees, they wanted a single, unified solution that would instantly deliver peace of mind to their team. ComplyAdvantage sought an all-in-one platform that would act as the ultimate point of care for all personal finance matters, providing the total support needed to address a diverse range of financial stressors. Remaining competitive in attracting and retaining top talent was also a top priority for them, and so providing next-generation financial wellness resources to their employees became critical to powerfully differentiate themselves as a progressive, wellness-first workplace.

Why choose Otto?

Otto unlocked a new level of premium care for ComplyAdvantage's team, providing access to financial resources, experts, and insights previously out of reach. Founded by Fidelity and Morgan Stanley alum, with recent backing by Sequoia Capital, Otto understood the needs of today's modern professionals like no other. The Otto platform was tailor-made to support employers in providing comprehensive financial guidance to their teams. The suite of tools and coaching provided by Otto empowered ComplyAdvantage's team to manage their finances effectively, from real-time financial snapshots to spending analytics and budgeting models, as well as investment management and planning tools, educational content, and bespoke 1-1 coaching services. Through their partnership with Otto, ComplyAdvantage went beyond offering a salary to their employees - they enabled them to supercharge their financial futures overnight.

“Otto really does go one step further in supporting your people in an area which is typically taboo for employers and people teams!”

- Jack Bostock, People Operations Manager, ComplyAdvantage

What was the impact?

Rolling out to the whole of the UK office, ComplyAdvantage became embedded as part of their culture and saw top quartile benefits engagement and utilisation. Now, they’re looking to expand the offering to the rest of their UK team.

“ComplyAdvantage knew more action was needed beyond providing cash rewards and benefits to support our team members in dealing with the impact of the rising cost of living. After seeing the impact Otto left during the pilot, our team members felt reassured that they were able to tackle today’s economic challenges as well as taking steps to achieving long term financial health as part of the coaching and support available on the platform. Otto really does go one step further in supporting your people in an area which is typically taboo for employers and people teams!”

- Jack Bostock, People Operations Manager, ComplyAdvantage

ComplyAdvantage understands the significance of promoting employee financial wellness, and the positive outcomes that can result from it. Through this partnership, Otto continues its mission to offer financial wellness services to employees across all industries, reinforcing the importance of financial wellness for today's workforce.

As part of our dedication to supporting ComplyAdvantage in achieving financial wellness for their employees, we even took our efforts a step further by providing on-site pop-up coaching sessions (and cupcakes!) at ComplyAdvantage's office 🧁.


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