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Financial Health
starts at work

Money is consistently ranked as the top source of stress for all employees. Let Otto improve your company’s bottom line by helping your teams' personal finances. 

Financial health is the foundation of modern employee wellbeing. 


of employees say financial concerns are the #1 source of stress.


Financially stressed employees are 4X likely to be clinically depressed.


Financially stressed employees are 2.2x more likely to leave their company.

How it works

Otto has a smooth process for maintaining excellent financial health for your teams


Otto learns about your employees, their finances and their life goals


Otto connects them with a personalised financial expert to match their needs


Through actionable next-steps and ongoing monitoring, Otto drives improvements across your teams’ entire financial lives

Our rockstar coaches are there every step of the way.

Expert-driven actionable insights keep your team members on track with their goals


Interested in optimising your employees' financial wellbeing?

Let Otto do the heavy lifting and remove financial stress from your teams' lives. 

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