Financial Health starts at work

Strong financial health is good for your people and it’s good for you. Improve your company’s bottom line by helping your people worry less about their finances.

Financial health is the foundation of employee wellbeing.


of employees say financial concerns are the #1 source of stress.


Financially stressed employees are 4X likely to be clinically depressed.


Financially stressed employees are 2.2x more likely to leave their company.

Source: PWC Financial Wellness Survey (2020), Salary Finance Employer's Guide to Financial Wellness (2019)

How we empower your employees on their journey to great financial health

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Create an account and tell us your goals

Let the Otto platform assess your financial status

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Match you with a rockstar financial coach

Work together to complete simple steps to achieve financial wellbeing


Our partners have happy employees

“Before Otto, I found understanding my stock options so overwhelming. Now I feel in control and excited about the potential impact they could have on my long term wealth!”

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Product Manager

"I never thought I would afford a house. Otto helped me to create timeline, understand my mortgage options and start saving towards my dream home."


Account Executive


"I used to envy friends who actively invested in the stock market. My Otto Coach helped me create an investment plan and understand financial jargon.




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