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Exciting Times!

Well here at Otto we have been a bit quiet, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been working hard, in fact it means quite the opposite. We are very pleased to announce that we were selected from a pool of 30,000 startups for the debut Sequoia Arc program. This start up accelerator will allow our CEO, Jan and COO Madeleine, so be trained up and told the secrets of business by the most successful there is. It’s incredible to have access to such amazing founders and knowledge.

Sequoia Capital is a heavy weight champion when it comes to VC funding. They have backed startups that have gone on to dominate the tech industry: Apple, Google, PayPal and Zoom are among their success stories, maybe you have heard of a couple? and now they have chosen us!

We are very excited to absorb as much knowledge as possible from these titans of industry, and implement everything we have learnt. Its an exciting journey we are on, and we thrilled we get to share it with you!

See keep eye on our journey, sign up, get excited, this is just the beginning!



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