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Take the pain and stress away from managing your finances.

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What will Otto give you?


1:1 Financial


financial guidance roadmap


Single view of
all your finances



Tailored educational content 


Financial health score tracker

Financial guidance
that's right for you.

Say goodbye to googling your way around your finances; say hello to your own financial coach. Otto provides every user with a coach that matches their needs.

Set personalised objectives
to achieve your dreams.

The first step to achieving your aspirations is to understand what steps you need to take to get there.


Our blend of open banking, AI and personalised coaching will help you set these out.

See it all together.

It's time to bring all of the sources of your wealth into one place. 

Our AI and open banking dashboard gives you one view of all of your financial assets and liabilities. Bliss.

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Don't just take it from us...

“Before Otto, I found understanding my stock options so overwhelming. Now I feel in control and excited about the potential impact they could have on my long term wealth!”

- Dorothy, Product Manager

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"I never thought I would afford a house. Otto helped me to create timeline, understand my mortgage options and start saving towards my dream home."

- Gabriella, Account Executive


"I used to envy friends who actively invested in the stock market. My Otto Coach helped me create an investment plan and understand financial jargon. 

- Alex, COO


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