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So...what is financial health?

At Otto, we believe in the democratisation of comprehensive financial health – which shouldn’t require a minimum balance.

But what does that really mean?

Today, financial advisors and complimentary services are available only to the top 1%. Those with enough assets to pay a return to advisors get the best, most personalized advice.

And the rest of us? We’re left to our own devices. We rely on Google and that-one-friend-who-works-in-finance to make decisions about how to manage our money. More often than not, we avoid engaging with our finances at all.

But that does not make any sense. We have student debt to pay off, investments to manage and mortgages to take on. We have dreams of a worry-free financial future.

That’s why we’re building Otto. Our platform empowers employees to take control of their financial health. We pair certified, real-human coaches with individuals to set measurable, bold objectives and create achievable action plans. The platform aggregates financial data so that tracking progress towards this financially healthy future is simple, accessible, and clear.

Data shows that individuals who work with financial coaches can increase their net worth by over £9k in the first year alone. And with more than 60% of employees self-reporting ‘financial worries’ as their number one source of stress, Otto is not only good for employees, but it’s good for business.

So what are you waiting for? Learn more and sign your team up for our Beta launch at


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